Specialty lubricants and additives

AVI-OIL offer a variety of products for Instruments, aircraft deicing and other applications to meet lubricants needs


•   Synthetic based grease with molybdenum disulfide, for heavy loads NYCO GREASE GN 17
•   Aircraft synthetic grease for pneumatic systems NYCO GREASE GN 4343

De-icing fluids

•   De-icing/anti-icing fluids NYCO 1717, NYCO 1719NYCO 1723NYCO 8243


•   Anti-seize compound for assembly and dismantling NYCO 83483
•   Corrosion preventive compound NYCOPROTEC 8131, NYCOPROTEC 8132
•   Synthetic based grease hydrocarbon resistant for plug valves and components exposed to jet fuel in aircraft systems NYCO          GREASE GN HC
•   Lubricating grease or assembly compound for synthetic rubber seals, bonding surfaces NYCO 65 Vaseline
•   Graphited anti-seize compound for threads, bolts, nuts and spark plugs NYCO GREASE GN GA 47


•   Lubricating powder against friction and wear NYCO 4223
•   Lubricating powder, graphited NYCO 4224

This is just a preview of our product range! For more information contact us or use our product search engine.

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