High-performance insulating fluids

NYCODIEL 1244 and NYCODIEL 1255 : IEC 61099 compliant

IEC standard 61099 is specifically meant for synthetic ester-based insulating fluids. Both NYCODIEL 1244 and 1255 are fully compliant.
NYCODIEL 1244 and NYCODIEL 1255 display high fire safety properties (K3 according to IEC 61100), high resistance to oxidation, and an extensive operating temperature range. They are biodegradable.

NYCODIEL 1233: new solution for very cold environments

NYCODIEL 1233 has been developed to match the specific requirements of very low-temperature applications.
This special transformer oil features all the advantages of synthetic esters:

•    High oxidation stability
•    Biodegradability
•    High fire safety characteristics
•    Exceptional behaviour at very low temperatures.

NYCODIEL properties



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