Solutions for high-performance, environmentally-considerate lubricants

The growing demand for environmental care

NYCO has been involved in the development and marketing of biodegradable products for more than 25 years. Our industry demands non-toxic, high-performance lubricants with enhanced biodegradability.

Many world standards give a definition of environmentally-considerate lubricants, but one of the most stringent and complete is the European Ecolabel, governed by the European Union.

Legislations have also come into force over the last decade to impose the use of environmentally-considerate lubricants in areas where lubricant leakages may cause serious damage. For example, in the USA, the Vessel General Permit (VGP) issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, imposes the use of environmentally-acceptable lubricants in oil-to-sea interfaces.


The NYCOGREEN offer is a selection of NYCO products (synthetic esters and finished lubricants) able to fulfil the requirements of environmental labels and legislations.

European Ecolabel compliance

Many of  NYCO synthetic esters (NYCOBASE) are biodegradable and non-toxic. They also exhibit a high level of carbon renewability.
To support our customers in their projects to develop environmentally-acceptable lubricants and to comply with the European Ecolabel, a selection of our esters has been submitted to the competent Dutch body, SMK, to obtain their classification on the Lubricant Substance Classification List (LuSC-list).
Nine NYCO esters are listed for straightforward use, with no treatment rate limitation in European Ecolabel-compliant lubricants: NYCOBASE 8103, 8311, 8318S, 8345, 8812, STM, 8306, 8361, 8397.

Download pdf-link   NYCO esters listed on the LuSC-list

In addition to synthetic esters, the NYCOGREEN offer includes several formulated products some of which have been granted the European Ecolabel certification:

•    Hydraulic fluids

Hydraunycoil FH 4400 series: high-performance biodegradable hydraulic fluids
Hydraunycoil EL 4600 series: biodegradable hydraulic fluids

•    Nyco Grease EL 400: multipurpose grease based on lithium soap and NYCO synthetic esters. To be used in equipment operating outdoors where reducing the environmental impact is a priority.

For an overview of our products under the NYCOGREEN offer, check out our   pdf-link   NYCOBASE esters portfolio or our product search engine.

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